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Christoph Gisin, living in Rickenbach BL, studied School Music and Trumpet at the Musikhochschule Basel between 2004 and 2008. After exposure to new genres on study trips to Asia (Java/Bali), he focuses on Gamelan and body music. The multi-instrumentalist plays various wind instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn, blues harp, alphorn), percussion instruments (Hang, Dousn’ Goni) and solos in bands and orchestras (Playin’ Tachles, Trumpet & Organ, Blasorchester, Military Music, Alphorn Trio, Bigband, Groove Move). Experiences from his many concert trips in Switzerland (including the Jazz Festival Montreux), Germany, France and Russia, influence his own compositions and improvisations (Jazz-Funk-Experimental Band Projects/Choir Music). In addition to his freelance musical activities, Christoph Gisin works as a motivated music pedagogue and, together with his partner, serves as a choir leader in the Basel region.


Jérôme von Allmen, born and reared in Basel, became captivated by jazz when studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Zürich. 

Delving even deeper, between 2001 and 2003, he took courses at the Jazz Club Basel and afterwards, continued at the Hochschule für Musik in Lucerne (Jazz Department), where he studied with, and was influenced by, musicians such as Nat Su, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Frank Möbus and others. Here he finished his studies in „Music Pedagogy/Musician“ in 2007, and in „Performance“ in 2008. Both on and off stage, the passionate guitarist is intensely involved with Instrumental Rock and other music styles. With much elan, he enjoys teaching young students at the Music Schools of Liestal and Gelterkinden.